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What We Do

At Black Vault, we offer end-to-end engineering and consulting services that help companies realise long-term opportunities. Using the latest technology, we build and deploy impactful solutions that delight the end-user and keep your company ahead of the digital curve. Our teams have proven expertise in developing seamless designs, innovative products and intuitive solutions across various platforms.

We are based in Singapore, with a development centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We offer services across the globe with no compromise on cost, quality and client support. We build close relationships with each of our clients, understand their unique challenges and help them find solutions that fit their business goals. Our team adopts agile development practices providing accelerated and continuous delivery on projects. Having an experienced team that has worked with both enterprises and startups, we bring to the best of both worlds to the table.

How We Work

Work with a group of business and engineering minds focused on impact and outcomes for your business. Our clients have full visibility of the work in progress through our shared online communication platforms and are included in the project process every step of the way. We offer flexible pricing models based on your specific requirements.

Collaborate with our in-house team of developers and analysts to design, develop and deploy your solution. By deeply understanding your processes we help you choose the right solution to bridge the efficiency gap and optimise business performance.

Pick a dedicated team to cut down development time, cost and experience a faster go-to-market strategy. Consult with us and get matched with the right team for your requirement. Our tested processes ensure total visibility and excellent results.

Why Choose Us

  • Intuitive User Experience
  • The Latest Technologies
  • Business Value
  • Post Launch Updates, Training and Support
  • Exceptional Quality

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