Custom Software Development

We are experts in agile software development and consultancy. Over the years we have served over 5+ countries in 10+ industries with different products with every type of software problem imaginable from mobile apps to cloud solutions, web services to product design. We've found our experience means delivering results faster with fewer problems along the way. We take great pride in solving complex problems and delivering high quality solutions to our clients - within their time and budget. Our 100% on-shore design and development team outperforms remote teams in speed, quality and security. Contact us now to find out how we are different.
Client is #1
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Black Vault Technologies is based around serving the needs of our clients. Each of us cares about doing what's best for our clients, otherwise we'd be working somewhere else. We define our success based on your success, and we're proud of what we've accomplished.

Skilled Team
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Many software development companies try to cut corners by discretely hiring unskilled teams. What they get is a fractured team that produces low-quality work. Our entirely skilled team means quality work. We find the added efficiency ends up saving our clients money.

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Our process paints a clear picture of progress to all stakeholders. We track every sprint and milestone and will let you know with total honesty the status of your project every step of the way.

Built to be Agile
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We ascribe to the "Agile software development" that advocates flexibility and delivering concrete results rapidly and incrementally. This means we'll be able to show you results quickly and when either you change your mind about something (or the market does for you) we can adapt easily. That means we'll always be working with your current needs, not what you thought you needed six months ago.

Industry Best Practices
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Our years of accumulated knowledge is your gain. We know how to build software the right way: architecture built to scale, code that tests itself, automated builds and deployments. We've been in the business long enough to know what works and what doesn't.

Done Right the First Time
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We've seen it over and over again: a client went with the wrong software development company and got a product built so wrong it needs to be rewritten (by us). The most expensive mistake is having to engineer your product more than once because it didn't get done right the first time. Our development process puts in the initial work to ensure that you're getting exactly what you need.

Custom Product Development

    • Business & User Research and Requirement Gathering

    • Roadmap & Build Phase Info

    • Design Conceptuilaisation (UI) & Wireframing (UX)

    • Product Architecture and Recommended Tech Stack

    • Development of Modules and Features

    • Cross Browser Responsiveness & Multi-Device Optimization

    • Design Conceptuilaisation (UI) & Wireframing (UX)

    • Front-End / Back-End & API Development

    • *including implementation of templates, frameworks and components
    • Product & Platform Testing

    • UI/UX Testing

    • Functional Testing

    • Performance & Security Testing

    • Multi-Device and Cross Browser Testing

    • Hosting & Cloud Server Configuration

    • Setting Up DNS & Domain

    • Security Assurance & Tokenization

    • Requirement-Based SLA with Dedicated Development Hours

    • Maintenance & Back Up Management

    • System Updates

    • Functional Specification Document
    • User Guide

    • Style Guide

    • UI/UX Documentation

    • User Roles & Access

    • Technology Information

    • Research & SEO Strategy

    • Google Tag Manager

    • Google Analytics

    • Setting Up Conversion Point

    • Active Campaign Implementation

    • HubSpot Integration

    • Social Media Integrations (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

    • Internet Payment Gateways (Stripe, PayHere, Genie)

    • Shopify Integration

    • MixPanel Integration

    • FedEx & Other Courier Tracking Integrations

Contact Us

If you have any unanswered questions feel free to contact us.